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segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

He has a smile that could light up a whole town. - #3

Everything seems like turning darker and darker, day after day. Me and him are not talking everyday. We don't have that magic of love. I just start having tears on my face only by saying this. My heart is so nervous and small. I'm cold as shit, because I need the person who was with me everyday in the summer. We are so far from each other in this relationship, even though we are always near at school. This is so confusing. My bones are shaking, every little piece of my body is shaking... of fear. Fear of losing someone important to me. I know, I said before that my feeling about him were falling apart, but god dammit, he continues to be my boy, but this relation is so dead right now. I'm so dead right now. Even the smile I see everyday on my class doesn't cheer me up. I just have to think in what I will do. Anyway, it has to be the best for both of us. Us....

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